Wellington ICT Graduate School


Who can apply

​This qualification is intended for recent graduates with non-design degrees and/or industry professionals wishing to enter the Interaction Design (IX) or User Experience (UX) fields from another discipline or profession.

Programme outline

​This is a full-time, 180-point Master's programme. You will complete this qualification in three consecutive trimesters over 12 months at Victoria University's School of Design.

Trimester Two

CCDN412 Mātauranga Design
Engage with toi (Māori creativity) and mātauranga (Māori understanding) in the production of both visual and material cultural design that honours our place and past in Aotearoa New Zealand. Guided by traditional Māori protocols and knowledge, students will learn how to understand and interact with Māori symbols and visual spatial strategies in ways that are culturally sound and appropriate.

CCDN422 Professional Practice
Advanced investigation of a range of topics relevant to professional practice in design practice today, including: branding, marketing, networking, presentation and portfolio. Students will consider both traditional and emergent approaches to these topics.

MDDN413 Graphic Design
Explore and utilise graphic design elements, software, and strategies in the pursuit of a body of design work. Through research, exercises and projects, develop technical mastery, formal graphic design skills and independent research skills.

MDDN414 UX Design
Explore the techniques common to user experience (UX) design, such as: persona development, case study analysis, user interface design, rapid visualization and prototyping. Students will also become adept at using the industry standard tools and techniques of UX design.

Trimester Three

MDDN416 Communication Design
Discover communication design practices, techniques and concepts. Moving from typography, composition, and similar graphic design fundamentals, the course will explore more complex issues such as context and audience and how the slight adjustment of design elements may radically change perceived meaning.

And one of the following two courses MDDN415 OR MDDN402
MDDN415 Information Design
Examine best practice for designing with information, including the importance of understanding the context and intended audience. Topics will span the techniques and concepts related to data acquisition, modelling, and displaying information through different media, and how interpretation may vary depending on design decisions.

MDDN 402 Web Design and Development
Explore and implement current Web design software, planning and project strategies. An emphasis will be placed on front-end development, design and scripting techniques based on industry related projects.

Trimester One

MDDN502 User Experience Design Studio
This studio will parallel an industry sourced (or industry-related) project and involve academic and industry-based supervision. The studio experience will involve both formal and informal reporting that mirrors industry standards. The course will support individual research, design development and communication of a defined and deliberate design output.

You will learn...…

  1. Fundamental practical design theories, concepts, and skills.
  2. Technical skills for industry standard technologies and tools.
  3. Design and human-centred research techniques, including cultural and indigenous methods.
  4. Professional practice skills for working in User Experience Design and related fields.
Victoria UniversityWellington, New Zealand