Wellington ICT Graduate School


Who can apply

This qualification has been designed for people with a non-information technology background. If you have a bachelor's degree with good grades and have a desire to be a software developer, this is the path to your new career.

Programme outline

This is a full-time, 180-point Master's programme. You will complete this qualification in three consecutive trimesters over 12 months at Victoria University's School of Engineering and Computer Science.

Before you start: Coding Bootcamp

SWEN131: Programming for Software Development
Learn to design, read, write and debug small Java programs and work on larger software projects within groups while applying software development methodologies and tools. The course will be taught as an intensive full-time, 4 week block course and good performance is required to continue.

Part one: Course work

SWEN 501: Professional Programming Skills - 15 points
Complex and core programming concepts and techniques, including collection data structures, inheritance and object orientation, testing, security, networking and databases.

SWEN 502: Software Development Studio 1 - 45 points
A range of software development skills and technical and software engineering concepts and techniques.

SWEN 503: Software Development Studio 2 - 45 points
Advanced technical concepts and techniques for software development and professional practice skills, including software project planning.

SWEN 505: Professional Seminar - 15 points
Professional enterprise and research skills, including understanding legal and IP issues, business contexts, social and environmental issues for software, and research and communication skills.

Part two: Research project

SWEN 589: Industry Research and Development Project - 60 points
Work alongside a local business and under the supervision of an academic to research and develop a software-based solution.

You will learn…

  1. Core programming concepts and techniques.
  2. Advanced technical concepts and techniques for software development.
  3. Professional enterprise, research and communication skills.
  4. How to apply software development skills in real-world situations.
Victoria UniversityWellington, New Zealand